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Mobile Notary Public Services in Bakersfield, California and surrounding communities

Notary Bakersfield
1706 Chester Ave., Ste. 349
Bakersfield, California 93301

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a notary public?
    • According to the National Notary Association, a notary public is a public servant appointed by state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths.
  • What types of documents are typically notarized?
    • power of attorney
    • deed
    • authorization for minor to travel
    • affidavit
    • mortgage documents
    • medical power of attorney
    • advanced healthcare directive
    • trust
    • statement of document custodian
  • Do you provide legal services or advice?
    • No. Go to an attorney for legal services or advice.
  • Why does travel to the jails cost so much?
    • It is not a long drive to any of the jail facilities around Bakersfield, but the wait time to get into a facility may be an hour or more, with Central Receiving typically having the longest wait times. Further, only the Pretrial facility has full contact booths. At other facilities the notary has to enter the back of the facility where inmates are held in order to have the inmate sign documents and the notary journal. This requires extra security personnel and extra time.
  • Do you go to other sheriff’s jail facilities, such as Ridgecrest holding facility?
    • No, unless requested by an attorney.  The regional holding facilities are generally only for briefly holding an inmate for court proceedings or for transportation to one of the facilities in Bakersfield.  Therefore, there usually is no opportunity to notarize a document.
  • Do you go to prisons?
    • No, because it would be a waste of your money in most cases. The prison Litigation Coordinator at most prisons is able to arrange for notary services.
  • If I send papers with you to the jail, will you explain the papers to the inmate before notarizing them?
    • We can give a brief description of the document, but we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.
  • My grandmother is not competent, so she needs a power of attorney.  Can you notarize a power of attorney for her?
    • No.  If she is not competent we cannot notarize anything for her.
  • Do you notarize wills?
    • No, unless directed to do so by an attorney. We don’t want to waste your money for services that are not needed.